Reddit Meets Terminal Effect – Southern Nevada Range Cleanup

Southern Nevada is flush with public land, governed by the Bureau of Land Management, which is used for shooting sports. BLM ranges offer many benefits over standard ranges in their price (free!), accessibility, hours, and freedom. There are few rules on what you can and can’t do, other than blatantly destructive acts like firing incendiary or tracer ammunition during fire season, and the let the general shooting public enjoy a beautiful outdoor setting while shooting rather than a dingy indoor range with poor ventilation and lighting.

Well, they’re supposed to be beautiful, anyway.

Almost all of the BLM ranges in Southern Nevada are absolutely covered in garbage. Everything from blown up TVs, suitcases, plastic bags, shotgun hulls, steel cases, and more litter the grounds. The BLM, wanting to preserve these areas for future generations, often threatens to close down these sites to combat their transformations into literal dumps, but we have the power to stop this.

Terminal Effect met with local Redditors with a vested interest in our public lands to make a dent in the  waste accumulating on one of the worst sites. Although we were only able to stay out for four hours, repeated cleanup efforts like this may allow these areas to stay open for all shooters to enjoy.

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