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An unfortunate demon common in the firearms world is the rampant speculation known as “fudd logic,” which can be picked up free of charge at your local gun store, Basspro, Cabelas, or anywhere firearms and ammunition are sold. Debates about projectile effectiveness, design, caliber choice, and other topics are usually heavily opinionated, based on nothing more than hearsay and rumor.

Terminal Effect started with my own ammunition tests – if I’m going to use a round for personal defense, I’m going to test it with controlled scenarios using standard testing protocols and good experimental design. This led to a greater curiosity about guns and ammo: how many of the “facts” I’d heard over the years were based in sound science? Why had I accepted them without personally verifying the sources? So many questions, and so much to do.

I’ll be exploring old and new bullet designs, ¬†alternative cartridges, and ideas that have been commonly accepted for years in the firearms community. Terminal Effect makes the results of my endeavors available to everyone for public critique and review. I’ll also be hosting other content which will vary along the way.

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